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A girl who constantly puts herself down. She loves her friends and family more than she will ever love herself
Wow, look at Astyn, she is so supportive and loving
by dankestmaymay February 25, 2018
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An Astyn is a girl who is amazing. She likely comes from a bad past, but she will always be supportive of you and not let that make her like the ones who hurt her. She is an awesome friend who deserves the world and is so much fun to have as a friend.
Wow, Astyn is so fun to be around.
by JasstinIsAwesome May 10, 2018
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An "Astyn" is a female who farts incredibly loud and smelly. An Astyn will make you want to throw your body out of the car when she lets one loose unexpectedly. Usually, an Astyn chooses to keep the fart silent in hope of having people around her freak out all of a sudden gasping for air.
I was in the library next to the bathrooms today and heard an Astyn in the bathroom let one loose. As soon as the girl walked out I started gagging.
by rooomie April 26, 2009
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