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Astoundo is the masked hoodlum who has recently been making public appearances. Suspected to be an Eastern-Iranian spy, Astoundo has slipped through the grasp of the authorities on numerous occasions.
This has not stopped his from enjoying a thriving music career. He plays drums in the popular band "Bored With Cereal" and also vocals in the band "Crapfully Yours". BWC are known for having won the Sandford Park Battle Of The Bands much to the dismay of some guy backstage who no one really likes anyway. CY are most notably known for their chart-topping hit "OMFG!! Zombies!!!" which was featured in the Biblo cartoon of the same name.
Astoundo wears a bag on his head suspected to have been stolen from a hobo one winter afternoon.
Astoundo was last seen playing a drum in the stands of the Gonzaga vs. Belvedere rugby match in Donnybrook stadium. This was so shocking that the Irish Independent dedicated a quarter page to the story.
Who's that masked devil!?

Why that's Astoundo!!
by Biblo February 15, 2005
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