A super sweet and charming young man. Usually very good in bed and most likely smart and funny.

Any female who openly calls a male friend "asspillow" will almost always secretly crave gobbling down his man juice.

I call Jimmy an ass pillow but the truth is I just want him to pull my hair and do me from behind while calling me a dirty slut. Teeheehee!
by Charlie Mallet May 05, 2006
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Are you 0wnz0r3d by an asshat? Then you're an asspillow.
Don't be an asspillow if you can help it.
An asshat is the waiter who spills the soup he's serving.
An asspillow is the custy (def#2) he spills it on
by Nyominx March 26, 2005
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1) A ring-shaped pillow used to elevate one's ass from a sitting surface, usually to promote rapid healing of a injury on the posterior

2) A tall skinny bastard/bitch who does nothing but spew chunky diarrhea out of his/her gaping noisehole. (See also assclown)
1) I forgot my asspillow, and my hemerroid popped when I sat on your couch.

2) Shut the hell up, you asspillow!
by Mayhem178 October 19, 2004
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