This year, there's a new "Worst Job in America", displacing the old number one for the last five consecutive years - "Crack Whore". The new number one: "Assistant Crack Whore"
by Dave March 12, 2008
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Assistant Crack Whores are often mistaken as a step below the typical Crack Whore. But in reality, they are not actual Crack Whores, or even below the Crack Whores. They just assist the Crack Whores and often times are the more cool and legite of the group and just are entertained by the bizarre mannerisms and lifestyle in general that goes along with Crack Whores.
Dad: Buddy pal girl , I'm promoting you to "Assistant Crack Whore". Daughter: W.T.F. ? I can't even be the actual Crack Whore I get to be Assistant Crack Who're?? Dad: Oh no no buddy pal girl. You're not anything like a Crack Whore, you just assist them:)
by Annaballs&Cj Uno October 22, 2015
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