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When the fart doesn't extend outside of the underwear, and when underwear is took off, there is a smell, the smell of the assfog.
Person 1: I just farted, smell this!
*Takes off underwear*
Person 2: Get that assfog smell outa here!
by Huntergohard February 03, 2013
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A fart so pungent the smell lingers in the air, like a thick fog.
Irwin: Oh my God, what is that foul smell? It's stinging my nostrils.

Bryan: That's my dog, Odin. His air biscuits are pretty intense.

Irwin: Dude, that ass fog is so bad I can practically see it linger in the air. What do you feed that animal?
by Odin's Raven January 01, 2011
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A, real shitty word if you ask me...some say it means when you blow a fart the green cloud that results
When that dude farted I saw his assfog
by Anonymous July 30, 2003
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