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A large capacity clip capable of killing a room of at least 30 children
your standard clip can hold at least 10 pages of paper but an assault clip... holy shit you better watch out it can hold 200 pages of paper making it illegal to have anywhere due to the Federal Assault Clips ban of 2004
by Koncerned Kommando April 22, 2011
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A device that aids in the filling of a magazine.

Commonly mistaken for the item 'assault magazine'. Though to be fair, a magazine is only an 'assault magazine' when you use it to assault someone. A magazine, either detached or attached, holds the ammunition for a particular firearm. A clip inserts into the magazine in order to fill it quicker. A magazine is not a clip, and a clip is not a magazine.
AK-47's do not use 'assault clips'. They use standard 30 capacity magazines. Common examples of firearms that use clips include Mauser Broomhandles, the SKS and the M1 Garand.
by Jfl0 December 30, 2013
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