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1. to completely fuck something up. 2. to beat severely, like "own" among gamers. 3. to fondle someone's ass/have sex with them.
1: Wow, man, way to ass-handle the situation...fucking idiot...

2: Oh, just got ass-handled.
by Axel of Novarite City August 30, 2010
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The insetion of your thumb, right or left, into the fart box of a female sexual partner while grabing the ass flap, right or left, and commencing to punish with your man pole until ejaculation. Usually followed by a donkey punch.
that bitch was climbing the wall and whaling all loud and shit when i gave her the ass handle so i had to knock her out cold with a donkey punch
by DeezNutzz February 13, 2006
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1. To beat someone pretty bad at something. Used the same way as the word "own"

2. To handle a girl's ass; To screw her.

1. I'm gonna ass-handle you so bad at poker.

I just got ass-handled in Madden 07.

2. See that girl over there? I'd ass-handle her any day.

I ass-handled this girl the other night, and it was awesome.
by patrick25 March 12, 2007
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