Not quite rich enough to be a Sugar Daddy.
He only made 60k per year. He wasn't rich enough to be her Sugar Daddy, so the referred to him as her Aspartame Daddy.
by Necromantia December 23, 2015
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A man that puts up a front of being wealthy to pick up women but does not have the actual money to back it up. Opposite of a "Sugar Daddy".
Hey, saw you out with that rich guy Saturday night Lawanda." "Nah, stay away from him, girl. He just acting rich, he got a roll of $1 bills that would choke a squirrel. He a Aspartame Daddy
by Slimers July 26, 2011
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A sugar daddy that happens to also be a type-1 diabetic.
I can't be yo sugar daddy because high blood sugar sucks! I'm yo Aspartame Daddy.
by MathBoy86 March 30, 2023
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