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Aslynn is a girl who is the most sweet and caring person you’ll ever meet. She is shy and modest around people she doesn’t know, but is super crazy and wild with her friends. She can make you laugh and loves nature. She has a great heart, a rockinbod, and is super attractive even though she doesn’t know it. Aslynn will help you feel better when you’re sad or need someone to talk to. They definitely deserve the best of the best.
She must be an Aslynn ‘cause she’s so kind and super gorgeous.
by Sweeniehutgeneral May 19, 2018
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A dumb hoe. Acts like a teenage girl who doesn't know what to do with herself. Dates potheads with small dicks. Might even have a dick herself.
Raheeb: Did you see that whore hanging out with that pothead?
Zambz: Yea I did, that girl is such an Aslynn
by NiggerBitch November 04, 2013
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