Awesome phrase, said to be WWE Wrestler Chris Jericho's favourite sentence. Every match he applies a submission hold and shouts it every 5 seconds. He even did it once when it wasn't a match and there was no ref in sight.
Jericho applies the Walls of Jericho
Chris Jericho: ASK HIM!

Oppoent doesn't submit
Chris Jericho: C'mon Ref, ASK HIM!

Jericho apllies the Walls to John Cena when it is not a match
Chris Jericho: Whos the Hero Cena? ASK HIM!

Chris tries to submit R-Truth
Chris Jericho: ASK HIM What's Up!
by R2JBL November 5, 2009
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I person that has feelings for someone, but will never tell that person.
I have a fat ass crush on this guy
“i wanna ask him out”

but he only likes white girls 😭
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