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To be excessively unreliable, and flake out. To frequently "Asian-Out" is to bail on almost every event/meeting/thing you agree to attend. The excuses provided will commonly be along the lines of, "My mother cooked me dinner and is waiting for me at home," or "I just found out I have to go to a family member's wedding, sorry".
"I really hope Priya doesn't asian-out on us again tonight."

"Sadaf you are not allowed to asian-out on me!"
by bambiistarr April 10, 2012
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when an asian says something they automatically have to say this right after it. the thing the asian says must have some moral sense of insight. definer out
I hate when girls do the duck face on facebook. Oh look at me i can do the duckface. not cool. asian out
by JetsFool1111111 January 31, 2011
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