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Generally anything above any grade above a 90 or an "A"

- Depending on the person (or more likely their immigrant parents) this "pass" threshold will vary anywhwere from a 90 to a 95.

This standard, is by no means exclusive to those of Asian descent. It is understood that most Asian parents expect their kids to go to Harvard, or MIT, or Violin prodigy school; therefore, failing by normal standards, a 69 or lower, in most cases will get an Asian killed by their parents... or permanently disowned... Whichever is worse.

So we refer to this ridiculous system of grading as Asian pass.

-Not to be confused with a similar *standard that is often used by that annoying pretentious kid everyone hates who complains about getting a 92 on a test.

*these people usually don't actually have a standard and just like to complain about their "crappy" grade just to make others feel inferior.

People with "Asian standards" will suffer some form of consequence ranging from a hour long scold fest to loss of scholarships or somthing like that; thus, their dissatisfaction is quite legitamate.
Kevin Chou: Ah shit, this sucks.
Mark Nelson: What didya get, bro?
Kevin: 89
Mark: That's not bad at all.
Kevin: Nah, man. You don't understand. If my parents see this, I'll get beaten with a bamboo stick!
Mark: ORLY?
Kevin: Dude, Asian pass is serious buisness. I'm a dead man walking.
by An Amazin' Azn September 30, 2010
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Receiving a grade of B- in any subject. Although guaranteed to draw the ire of nearly any Asian parent, it is certainly the equivalent of another child receiving a C-. Also termed so because this is the lowest grade one can typically use to brag to others.
1.Ray-Ray: Dammit! I got a B-.
John-John: Be grateful, your Asian/Pacific Islander parents are not going to chew your ass out as badly as mine certainly will when they see this C-.

2.Girl in the back: Fuck, I got another C- on the quiz!
John-John: Pwn3d you bitch! I got an Asian pass.
by Doctor Cand October 29, 2007
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