Asian men are men who are unpopular due to claims of short penis size. They are also claimed to not be "manly enough" or sexy. These claims are obviously false and generalized to the whole population. They are also generalized to be unattractive and short. These are obviously not true for ALL asian men.
Jenny: Hey do you know any cute asian men that make good music?
Sammie: Yeah have you heard of Jay Park, DEAN and BTS?
Jenny: (Looks them up) wow they are pretty handsome!!!
by mizzmarrymac November 17, 2019
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Literally, men from Asia. The term informally refers also to men of Asian ancestry regardless of nationality, in the manner of "White," "Black," and "Hispanic." Discussing "Asian men" per se can be a tangly endeavor because various issues relating to Asian peoples are slowly gaining awareness and inevitably will have some broad-range effect within society.

One issue is sex: there is an unmistakable discrepancy between customary perceptions of Asian women and men. Urban Dictionary exemplifies this. While its multiple definitions of "Asian women" praise Asian women's attractiveness in absolute terms, and even "Asian" itself has long meant "the race with the hottest girls," analogous descriptions of Asian men are conspicuously absent.

This discrepancy, alongside the glut of derogatory entries for "Asian penis" and its synonyms (q.v.), simply evinces society's pervasive distortion of Asian manhood (rank emasculation) and even of Asian womanhood (rank sexualization, an arguable but limited advantage). To add a definition of "Asian men" at all, then, is to begin lifting a veil of ignorance that more comfortably has hung over the face.

The truth is simple. If Asian women are beautiful and vital, then so are Asian men, simply because every group runs its full gamut. Thus, to dispense with clichéd misconceptions of Asian men (among others) is to benefit the self immeasurably, for only with eyes cleared of dust and gunk can one access all there is to be seen.
Without Asian men and Asian women, there'd be no Asian men and Asian women.
by lichno April 2, 2018
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