1)A beautiful triple threat. He sings & dances and acts. Hes a member from AOM (Art of Movement) .
2) Godlike.
3) Gods greatest creation
N: I love Jay Park
J: Me too, hes my god.
M: Hes mine.
by jepew July 25, 2010
Sexiest guy alive! He plays 2K and is a goat at it. Not the Kpop star but anyone named this. Biggest Dick energy anywhere. And has over 100 girls in bed.
Damn he’s sexy! Jay Park !”
by JJPREEREee February 19, 2020
Jay Park is possibly the hottest man alive, also categorized as a kpop idol, hip hop artist, ceo, or daddy.
some girl: i'm gonna see Jay Park in concert

some guy: Jay Park is God
some girl: wbk
by moonchild_mp4 December 15, 2019
He is South Korean artist and hes a fuckin sexy guy. He has a company AOMG(artist only money getter). He was a member of 2pm boy group. JAY-Z SAID HES RAP AND SINGING AND DANCING IS INSANE
by giolist September 23, 2020
1.v) Jay-Park
Staying up all night and doing absolutely nothing. Jay-Park-ing could be extended up to 3 days. Doing nothing includes, but not limited to: playing RO, playing DotA, watching Star Wars Trilogy, YouTubing, etc.

2.v) Jay-Park
Doing 16 shots of whiskey within 20 or less minutes and waking up at the hospital next day with loss of previous night's memory. Jay-Parking may include chugging any sort of mickey. In case the drink is Jack Daniel's, the definition extends to "Finishing a 40 of JD within an hour with no chase"
1) "Yo, are you Jay Park-in' it tonight?"
2) A: "Man... I didn't get any sleep last night"
B: "Why?"
A: "I don't know... I didn't do anything really"
B: "Shiiiiiit son! Jay Park!!

3) "I'm gon JAY PARK THIS MO@#&FACKA!"(pointing at a mickey of smirnoff)
4) A: "Yo, where were you last night"
B: "I don't know man don't ask me, I woke up at the friggin hospital this morning"
A: "Oh shiiiiiiit son, Jay Park!"
by WtrlooPolizia July 14, 2008
When someone leaves their workplace computer unattended, it is their co-workers responsibility to replace the desktop background with a picture of Korean pop-singer Jay Park. This is known as being Jay Parked.
Daniel got up to take a shit and left his computer unlocked, so we Jay Parked that bastard.
by KK the hoeslayer September 13, 2010
To leave a k group and become a solo rapper losing all innocents in the process
Kris from exo started Jay Parking