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A condition which strikes mostly males. The symptoms of this condition include a longing for companionship and sexual pleasure from Asian women. Sufferers of this condition will show agressive tendencies that will cause them to act goofy around any girl with almond-shaped eyes, black hair, and exhibiting any kind of other supposed stereotype about Asian women. Because of cultural differences, however, most sufferers of Asian Fever are never cured.
After leaving the motherland, I had my own bout with Asian Fever when I returned to the states, but I got over it.
by Not so super DJ Gennady February 17, 2003
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i bet u just got dumped by a azn person so shut up....she to good to u n/e ways
by A true gangsta March 13, 2003
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A type of fetish for Asian women that can cause very high risks in getting HIV and other STD's.

According to Professor Hyeouk Chris Hahm at Boston University from Boston University website from search engine :

Asian American women had a higher prevalence of STDs than White women in both 1995 (10.4% vs. 7.7) and 2001 (13.5% vs. 8.3%). The incidence of STDs (not diagnosed with STDs in 1995, but developed STIs in 2001) among Asian American women was also higher than that of White women."

Moreover, the power dynamic between genders became immediately clear. Asian American women were four times more likely to have a STD than their male counterparts. This was shocking, said Hahm, It was so much higher than the males.

She stated, β€œAsian and Pacific Islander women also have broader interracial dating patterns than Asian American men. This might explain why these women are exposed to higher rates of STDs.”

According to the Banyan Tree Project (a campaign that advocates HIV awareness) website:

- "Asian-American women have the highest rate of increase in new HIV infections - higher than any other ethnic group."

-"The increase in HIV infections has risen alarmingly among Asian American women, and will soon surpass the rate of infections in high-risk populations. "
As a public service message, that guy with Asian Fever should make sure to wear protection to avoid contracting HIV and other STD's.
by Roe Marry September 13, 2011
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