Nana Ashida is a character from a series called Mystreet from a YouTuber Aphmau, most people know her as "Kawaii~Chan" but Nana is the real deal behind the facade, she is just as good and even better than her alter ego
Me: Nana Ashida is not perfect but that's what makes her an amazingly written character.
by Zana_Ashida August 28, 2021
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Ashida Kim is the pen name for suspected martial arts fraudster Radford Davis. Author of several books on ninja teachings and minor internet celebrity both famous and infamous for ungrounded teachings and challenges. Viewed by many as a "neo-ninja" and asshole.
Richard Kastle is to piano what Andre Rieu is to violin who is what Ashida Kim is to martial arts.
by SMKII January 18, 2011
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