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A name that means 'refuge' or 'shelter'.

If you call your daughter this, she will grow into the reason that God made a girl
Person: 'Ashiana!'

Ashiana: 'yes?'
by AxoxoxoxoxoxoxoA October 29, 2009
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Ashiana is a person that is arty, is into anime and kind of a weirdo. She isn't the most outgoing person, but once you get to know her, You might be the one. She dates people from a young age and dumps them in usually a day or 2. Ashiana can get jealous easily depending on the Ashiana you got. Also, If you're looking for a gamer girl, she'll happily take up the position.
Ashiana: Hm, that Asian dude kinda looks hot.
Random Person: Not really, but anyways...
by J1ck April 10, 2019
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