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A person behaving in a way as Salim Malik was in 1992 cricket world cup. (that's the best definition)

Taken as a special plural form of punjabi word 'Shuda'.

'Ashdad' Word itself is to be taken as lighter way to refer to a mischievous show off person.

(coined by Bros Hasan & Farhan, became instant hit in family & community)
Robert you Ashdad! why you drove so fast in rush hours.

This kid is a big Ashdad, he never listens to what elders are saying.

Pappu yar ashdadi na kar, aur mera mobile wapas kar dey.

Salim bohat ashdad hai, hamesha apni hee karta hai
by Baba-e-Du-UR October 12, 2010
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