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Is a very lazy person has good grades in school doesn’t study idk how she does it she’s thick has a big bitty big thighs got curves and is hot
Have u see that big booty girl

Yeah that’s ashanty

I heard she’s a keeper

I want her I need her
by Officially.ash February 28, 2018
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Ashanty is a smart short pretty girl with long golden brown hair . her bestfriend is Aaliyyah and they will be besides forever . Ashanty looks like a chimpmunk and has little boobs wit a fat booty . Ashanty has glasses and a smile she likes to hide whenever she's shy . Ashanty doesn't care abt what ppl say or think bc she know she a bad bitch PERIODT .
"damnnn that's ashanty ? ima fuck the shit out ifb her and treat her like a princess a to the same time"
by chickennuggets04 September 16, 2018
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She got a big booty her bsf is anyone on the street she’s nice kind and warm hearted.She loves his one guy that she won’t tell anyone but she also knows she can’t get him
Damn that ashanty has lil tits and big booty

Damn that ashanty got curves can I fuck her right now like I’d lose my virginity
by Officially.ash September 18, 2018
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