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Girl with an amazing personality and the whitest smile. She may seem shy initially, but once you get to know her, BAM it's like a whole new universe opens up and she's a completely different person. She's hilarious, intelligent, kind to basically everyone, and she is so beautiful in her own way. She's one of those individuals where the more you look at her, the more you can't stop staring at her.
guy 1: who's that cute shy chick over there?
guy 2: oh don't you know her? that's aryssa, and she's not shy AT all!
by burt macklin April 09, 2015
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1. a cutie

2. a sexy bitch

3. a sweetie

4. the best girl ever
boy #1: damn look at that girl, she's fiiiiiiiiiiine

boy #2: yeuh her name must be aryssa
by mad balla February 07, 2010
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