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(Full Name- Artemis Proctram Sendant) Artemis Sendant was born as an only child. His mother and father (Artemis Sendant-Father and Daphne Bekrenite-Mother) loved and cared for him very much. Around elementary years his parents noticed that Artemis was a lot smarter and quicker than other students around him. In his teenager years he found a calling for the arcane arts. He was always a teacher’s pet and became good friends with Alchemy teacher Danticule Asilophil in the higher grades. Sadly though around the ending of high school for him, his parents were killed in a Goblin raid. After the death of his parents Artemis received a scholarship to go to the University Of Arcane Arts And Magic. While there he finished quickly getting the top 5% in University. Still he had no place to go or call home, so he stayed there at the university studying for another 5 years. One day it struck him, “What use is learning this If do not use it?” After thinking over it, Artemis has decided to go out into the world and see things and explore. To go out and make his father, mother, and teachings in life worth something. He believes that the Law should only be upheld to keep everything stabilized. He believes in the god Boccob, not as much as many believers do, but he is faithful to his god. He believes that thieving is wrong and dishonorable, though when it comes between stealing food to survive he thinks that it’s okay. When it comes to people he’s not very social or outgoing, though if he finds a person that is nice and kind as he is he can keep a strong friendship. Now when it comes to drinking he is totally against it. He thinks that it is bad for the mind and body. He mostly drinks tea or coffee. When it comes to a Loving relationship he probably wants one, as he gets a bit older. Though knows he’s not the most handsome guy around. Artemis tries to keep his own code of honor, he also believes in the codes of chivalry. When asked about magic he knows that magic is neither evil nor good. He thinks it depends on who is using magic and why. Some personality traits that he has, is that he is always loyal, especially to his friends. He can be a bit cowardly at times, though sometimes he can act a bit mad (crazy and angry mad) and he’s not always the most humorous person. He can be a nice guy to get along with…once you get to know him. He doesn’t know much of the outside world because most of his life was spent indoors. Only one physical thing that people can recognize him for a small scar on his right eyebrow. The only thing that fears him the most in life is dying at an early age. His favorite season in nature is spring because of all the life and flourishing during that time. His favorite topic from school was Science and Philosophy. He also sees magic not as a power but as a gift to nurture and to take it as a great responsibility. His favorite element would be wind.
Woah! Artemis you rolled a natural d20 yet still missed the weak goblin!
by D&D Master February 08, 2004
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