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A name carried by a long lineage of legendary thinkers, crafts folk, nobles and badass visionaries. You would think that carrying such status would go to ones head, but not an Arscott. They remain kind, generous, funny and more often that not, they’re incredibly good looking. When you find yourself in the presence of an Arscott, remember to take a deep breath, remain calm and enjoy immercing yourself in the wisdom they will undoubtedly share.
“There’s something different about Gina, what happened?” “Oh, she met an Arscott, she’s so wise now! Lucky thing!”
by Hedge-Dweller January 04, 2018
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a cot for your arse (aka ass, buttocks, bumper, butt, etc.)
I got shot in the arse and now I have to walk around with an arscott strapped to my backside. Piggly-wiggly is a funny name for a store
by bread infection October 21, 2005
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