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A top notch Italian Chef. A person good at all aspects of life. There is pretty much nothing this person can't do.
Person 1: Who is that over there?
Person 2: I don't know
Person 1: Well whoever that is. They sure are STUNTING on everybody in site.
Person 2: I know what you mean. If i had a tail it would be between my legs right now.
Person 1: Your right they sure are actin like Armauni right now.
by Jinthebuildin November 20, 2010
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Armauni's are mostly super quiet and truth be told stunning. Known to have lousy sloppy-like body figure. They always sit in the big crowds, not much of a leader. One person everyone knows. Big problem tho!! they love instigating and CANNOT be trusted with information! Much like Hermes (messenger god) anything said around them gets spread instantly.
Girl: wow he's soo 😍cu.....
Friend: Hold your tongue there is an Armauni around !!
by Twenty-twenty August 13, 2017
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