Arjen is the definition of a perfect person. He will always support you no matter the circumstance. He is a wonderful and kind friend. Tends to have brown hair and amazing eyes. He is a shoulder to cry on and respects you as long as you don’t betray his trust. There is a good chance you won’t though because of how much you’ve realized you need him in your life. He always seems to know how to put a smile on your face and would never try to make it go away. He may be a bit annoying at times but he knows that and is fine with it. He is very bright being in honors LA and always seems to win game pigeons.
Wow that Arjen sure is annoying
Yeh but he still is the greatest person Ive met
by enlelaal April 13, 2020
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Arjen is just like a rare meme. You dont see him that much, but when you do, you laugh so hard because his face is funny AF. Poopsterbating is arjen's thing and does it constantly.
Look! It's a Arjen! Hahahaha wtf is wrong with his face?! And is he poopsterbating?
by Djerms December 7, 2016
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really nice person who will always make you feel better no matter how bad you treat him, hes the nicest guy you can meet, he's a good friend and better lover.
by nameknower7 July 20, 2015
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He's a great dutch comedian that has a comedy channel called 'Zondag Met Lubach'.
He recently started a new channel called 'De Avond show met Arjen Lubach' he's also the producer of the popular video called 'America first, Netherlands second'.
he's funny, like Arjen Lubach
by Ianiguess April 22, 2022
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Soccer player who plays for Netherlands and likes to get penalties by flopping on the field and acting like he fell.known for flopping/falling on the field.
In the game mexico vs. netherlands arjen robben flopped on the field and got a penalty kick on Mexico.
by supernovachica July 15, 2014
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One of the best football players in the world, but hated by butthurt Mexicans.
Butthurt Mexican: Arjen Robben sucks! He dived!
Non butthurt person: Get over it, sore loser!
by Shia Labeauf December 24, 2016
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