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A female dressed looking as though she just walked out of a JCPenny catalog, decked out in Arizona brand clothing, thinking she is hot shit.

A female that is semi-decent looking but has no fashion sense, dressed in clothing that looks like it is from a department store such as JCPenny. She has bottles of alcohol on display in her apartment that have dust on them because they are never actually used.
Dude, I just heard a bunch of girls giggling as they went into the Arizona Bitchs' apartment, across the hall. I bet they are gonna look through the JCPenny Christmas catalog and circle the Arizona Gear they want their parents to buy them for Chrismas.

I just saw an Arizona Bitch get out of her mini van with a shopping bag. I bet it is full of Arizona Gear.

That Arizona Bitch told us to, "keep it down" last night after the bar. It was only 3 a.m. I said, "Fuck you Arizona Bitch!" and gave her a crotch chop.
by Lindsey Wegner February 12, 2008
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