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Definition 1: A funny clumsy mistake.

Definition 2: A disobedient action.

Definition 3: A funny disobedient person

Almost always used in the phrase, "pulled off an Arfmann" or in its variations for definitions 1 and 2.
Example of Definition 1:

Person 1: Haha he tripped over the chair and knocked down the boss's bookshelf!
Person 2: He sure pulled off an Arfmann!

Example of Definition 2:

Person 1: Stop talking! We're trying to watch a movie over here!
Person 2: No! I'll talk all I want!
Person 1: Stop it! You're pulling off an Arfmann!

Example of Definition 3:

Person 1: I fell of my chair and slapped the teacher! Wasn't that funny?
Person 2: No, stop trying to be an Arfmann. You're not an Arfmann and you'll never be one!
by Z-Shot June 15, 2009
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