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A gamer who is clueless on how to play and will fuck everything up for you if you play co-op. He's also pretentious, looking down on anything with bad graphics. His social life makes angels weep, as he is completely blinded from logical thinking due to his head being stuck so far up his rectum, and it having cemented it's position due to being up there since birth. His parents are drug addicts and don't care about him, leaving his only means of escapism and joy to games. Whilst being so bad at them, he doesn't know it and acts like he's the Faze Clan leader. Commonly boasting that he's MLG, he hides the fact he can't recall what an Xbox controller looks like or who Nintendo are. His knowledge of gaming is pathetic. Nobody wants to go near him, as he has a highly contagious condition of retardism and isn't afraid to show it/scare away predators with it. Avoid at all costs, for you safety and well-being.
Person A: *joins Xbox party* Hey, who's that guy without a mic?
Person B: Oh, him? He's my little brother. He's such and Aren Gamer though.
Person A: How's that?
Person B: Well... his favorite game is Kinect Star Wars.
by Jerrika12 December 20, 2014
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