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A rare species of homosapien prone to accidents and bear like tendencies. There has been little study on this group and few have been spotted in the wild. They travel in groups of four and are fearless when confronted. Last spotted in the southeastern US.

When bonded to another, this species will take on the physical characteristics of their mate.
Lets go exploring and see if we can find an ardyce.

Is that an ardyce or an audryce? They look very similar. Maybe they are twins!
by joot-the-toot February 05, 2010
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1) Derived from "Artemis": Artemis is the goddess of the wilderness, the hunt and wild animals, and fertility. She was often depicted with the crescent of the moon above her forehead. Her main vocation was to roam mountain forests and uncultivated land with her nymphs in attendance hunting for lions, panthers, hinds and stags. Contradictory to the later, she helped in protecting and seeing to their well-being, also their safety and reproduction. She was armed with a bow and arrows which were made by Hephaestus and the Cyclopes.
Thanks to Ardyce, our land and lives are fertile!

Ardyce has shot me through the heart and I am forever hers to command.
by skippyjonjones February 05, 2010
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