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An awesome Avant-garde band from Australia, uses a wide array of instruments and produces a wide array of awesome.

Band Members

Cameron Bird
James Cecil
Gus Franklin
Isobel Knowles
Jamie Mildren
Sam Perry
Tara Shackel
Kellie Sutherland


Fingers Crossed (2003, Trifekta)
In Case We Die (2005, Tailem Bend/Bar-None/Moshi Moshi)

Singles and EPs

Like A Call (2003, Trifekta, out of print)
Kindling (2003, Trifekta, out of print)
Keepsake (2004, Trifekta, out of print)
Do The Whirlwind (2005, Tailem Bend)
Maybe You Can Owe Me/It'5! (2005, Moshi Moshi)
Can I ride with you
Until the sunset gets all red?
And we'll get chased by the moon

- Architecture In Helsinki lyrics
by Cheesegod January 26, 2006
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An extremely annoying indie pop collective. Their instrumentation may be unique, but their music is so sugary that one can do nothing but cringe, as if their teeth are rotting under their lips, while listeining to it.
Me: What are you listening to, Alex?
Alex: Oh, I've got Architecture in Helsinki on my iPod. Have you heard of them?
Me: Yeah, they annoy the living hell out of me. You should listen to some real music. How about some Tapes 'n' Tapes? Some Wire? Some Sebadoh? Those are all far better choices.
by aleclair December 16, 2006
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