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n. Similar to agnosticism, a religion/philosophy that says that there is no omnipotentent god, but a force that controls true chance, not simply the roll of a die, since there are physical factors on that, but true randomness that no physical force could control. This pure randomness is very hard to find and may stretch farther than the creation of the universe.
The Arbitrarite was deep in thought, trying to find true randomness.
by Kevin March 02, 2005
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An extension or collateral framework similar to that of relativism that states nothing is wrong, bad or evil, only that which man deems in law or writing and upholds with any degree of force/authority.
Much like the Relativism movement of the late 60's in the United States, Arbitrarism has taken root in the populous of the early turn of 21st century. Anything is possible and nothing is evil.
by bdpatton2 March 08, 2016
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