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A small country off the coast of Armenia, made popular for its famous restaurant Arby's. Tourists flock there every year for the annual rabbit breeding contest. Arba is known for its famous delicacy "arba arba arba arba" which translates to rabbit cheese. The country's flower is the Arba and its national flag also has an Arba on it.

So as they say in Arba, "Arba arba arba arba arba arba"
Where'd you go this summer?

by Arbarian February 16, 2019
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Interjection. A heavily contracted form of then phrase "all right, bye," it is a cheerful farewell.
- "Aw, man, I gotta go pick up my little brother from soccer practice at 5."
- "Arba!"
- "Arba, man."
by baerro June 02, 2013
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