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Aradia Megido is one of the twelve Beta trolls from Homestuck. Her associated sign is Aries. She is the Maid of Time. She is a Rustblood.
Aradia, Maid of Time, has been a robot before.
by unknownEntity August 08, 2015
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Queen of the Witches; daughter of Lucifer (not satan, but rather the god of light) and Diana (moon goddess), who came to Earth to free people from slavery and teach them the mystical and healing arts; beautiful goddess
"Whenever you have need of anything, once in the month when the Moon is full, then shall you come together at some deserted place, or where there are woods, and give worship to She, Aradia, who is Queen of all Witches."
by Sweet Surrender October 04, 2008
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Is a " real" girl who's a Wiccan, pagan witch. She isn't fake, and when you're clairvoyant you can see her. She has wiccan spells that go back from " long" ago. She's pale skinned, and has brown wavy/ curly hair. She has big eyes, it's brown. She's about 5 " 5" in height. She wears Boho skirts, and a veil over her head. She use to be a " slaved farmer". Her father is " lucifer" which is the " devil", and her mother is " Diana". Her Mother used witch craft, and made the devil fall in love with her. She bore Aradia, and Aradia ended up becoming adopted, and changed her name to " Herodias". Herodias..turned into royalty, ended up marrying " HEROD". Aradia ( Herodias) was the one.. who told her husband HEROD to behead " John the Baptist".

She isn't an italian folklore myth. She's actually a Sucubbus, she was created to teach other's witch craft. Her mother is the goddess of the Moon. She's also not a myth.
" I summoned Aradia, I saw her spirit from the corner of my eyes, when I'm not really looking". Aradia is glowing, and she's wearing.. a pious Pilgrim outfit. I got these spells off of Ebay, and she told me it was real. I had to try the spells for myself to see if it's fake or not. It turned out " real"!
by Minialba03 October 08, 2016
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The type of person who walks around the hood in the rain at 5am with no shoes on, to evolve a Pokemon.
Aradia is such a fucking nerd <3
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by PrettyPrincess17 November 23, 2016
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If you are being an Aradia, you are being highpitched, annoying, alien-like, scary, demandin, and spoiled. You don't want to be an Aradia
Gah! You're being such an Aradia now and your giving me a head ache!!!
by Freaky Fire Lady August 09, 2008
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