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A Highly deadly eight legged beast that is a potential threat on one's life It is much larger and more ferocious than its Genetic cousin the spider. The Aracnosaurus should never be underestimated. This powerful and deadly Arachnid is not just a skilled hunter but has armed combat and guerilla warfare tactics pulsing through its jurassic DNA. A high pitched scream can stun the Aracnosaurus for a few brief seconds, so this window of opportunity should never be missed. Run, run run, close the doors and seal the door into the location of the aracnosaurus with bath towels, masking tape, cotton wool, coats...Whatever you happen to have in close proximity. Place a warning notice on the sealed door to Alert all fellow humans. Then call in a Fully hazmat suited professional. I have found it wise to avoid that room after it's liberation just in case any of the infantry remain!
It wasn't a spider that I saw, it was an Aracnosaurus! They're very poisonous as well as being bigger, faster, and harrier than normal spiders! They are more dangerous than any other living predator! So off course I screamed and ran, they bite!
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by Mistress Scarlett July 23, 2018
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