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The bit between your arse and back. Similar to barse.
These jeans are so tight I can't get any purchase on my arack!
by Kyle. April 17, 2006
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1)The female breasts. 2)A middle-eastern country where we have kicked royal ass.
A Rack is a country where women don't show a rack.
by Embee90 February 28, 2005
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A girl with A-cup breasts, thus small and not really enough to get a good handful.
Also a bad spelling of an arab country we have invaded for oil, democracy, world peace, regional stability, human rights or WMD's (take your pick, they are all partially true)
that freshman chic is an a rack
by am i metro April 06, 2006
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Means ALOT....MANY....PLENTY OF...
My manz had arack of them joints he was selling..!! (Shoes.. shirts...CDs...whatever
by Dmvdude October 11, 2020
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