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These girls are beautiful, sweet, caring, and are 2 thick. Like dayummmmm. Dat ass. They have a beautiful smile that can brighten everyone's day. Aracelly's always have a positive mindset and always go above and beyond with everything they do.She don't care what people say about her and if u had a chance to date a Aracelly will be luckey to have her.
Man 1: Are u dating a Aracelly
Man 2: Yea why
Man 1: u are so lucky to have her
Man 2: i know right
by guys January 17, 2018
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The most sexiest girl you will meet, big vibrant booty, has great luscious breasts, has thicc thighs and killer eyes, very goofy, will be smiling one minute and then ready to attack the next. Someone not to be bothered with. Also known as being very sensitve and caring. Always giving and loving. Sometimes can be to nice and get used, but once she realizes she is being used she stops caring. Hates stuck up girls. Tell it how it is. Has a IDGAF attitude and will stomp someone in their head with timberland boots. All around the girl you want to have around you. She will have your back and be by your side. She makes the perfect girlfriend and lover. Awsome in bed (very seductive). Will always have their partner back and be a true ride or die
Friend 1: Damn who was that?
Friend 2: That was Aracelly, shes amzing right.
Friend 1: Yeah and damn that ass is thicc, i need to get an Aracelly
by Keep_ItSexual May 29, 2018
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