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A secretly kind hearted caring man who loves to have fun. Sometimes what he says can hurt other peoples feelings or offend them without him knowing it. He can sometimes mean what he says or sometimes not. They love to smile and can be a good friend, but they can also be selfish. Not the sharpest knife or best gun in the drawer, but he is open to learning new stuff. Their laughs are contagious.
He loves to dance and all that, loves to listen to rap and R&B
They love to receive although hardly ever return. Often a person with a big butt, but small head.
Gaby: Oh my god did you see that guy, he was such an aquavious. I swear I could smell that thing from a mile away.

Tania: I know me too, am I an aquavious

Gaby: Girl you are

Tania: You're an aquavious!
by C.D.C Ariola December 29, 2011
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