April 28th is national first kiss day! Kiss the person you've been dying to lately!
Dude: Hey girl, I just- *smoochie*
Girl: happy national first kiss day!

April 28th is national first kiss day! Let's get a kissin!
by mdandlr April 29, 2019
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SOFTIES ONLY. if you're born on this day you prbly love all things cute cuddly and warm. You are also a huge meme, and stalk twitter/instagram/tik tok 24/7

you prefer long term relationships and all the cute or cringey things that come along with it. You are very easy to get along with and people love you!!!
Person 1: Heyy when's your bday??
Person 2: Oh, April 28th!
Person 1: Rlly!! Wow that's awesome!
by boomingtytrack070195 October 18, 2019
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International Kissing Day

April 28th is a day when you can kiss anyone you want, especially your s.o ;)
Dude 1: Bro, it's April 28th
Dude 2: Isn't it International Kissing Day?

Dude 1: Yeah, maybe we should kiss then? 😳
Dude 1: Haha jk jk
Dude 1: Unless...?
by uwudaddy123 November 2, 2019
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This birthday is reserved for the biggest Pimps in the world. Only dudes with a bunch of hoes are born on this day
Person 1: When's your birthday?
Person 2: April 28th
Person1: Damn, you must get all the coochie... Can you save some for me?
Person 2: Nah lil fella.
by Pimp Daddy Matty April 19, 2019
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National be a dumb shit with your homies day. Normally you and the homies will hang out and go somewhere and do dumb shit. Afterwards, you will all get horny in a separate room and “use the bathroom.” Then you will send a dick pick to the cutest girl you can find that you know personally on social media.
Girl: Hey boo, April 28th was the best, I saw you’re huge dick and you’re gonna have to wait for tonight!
Guy: *Wakes up to parents screaming cause that hot girl you sent a dick pick to showed her mom and is now calling angry*
by Squigga02 December 7, 2019
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National send bra pics day!!
April 28th: Send bra pics
by Jfksroelsf April 29, 2020
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It’s Nagito’s birthday! Happy birthday to the ultimate luckiest, hopeful student... I think....
Friend: Hey it’s April 28th.
You: It’s Nagito’s birthday!
Friend: Who?
You: You are not a man of culture.
by Meiruene March 26, 2021
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