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The act of a one sucking on the testicles of a male without making any contact with his dick. The giver engulfs the testicle and sucks on it almost like they're applebobbing.
Rulli"Man this girl Applebobbed me"

Wilky"Did she touch your dick"

Rulli"Yeah why?"

Wilky"Guess it doesn't count then"
by 512wilky512 October 19, 2016
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A way of saying "Boring" or "Lame." Originating with boredom created from Bobbing for apples.
George BC: Oh man, I'm so boored.
Pimbo: This Xbox 720 is mad "Apple Bobs!"


Abraham: Chill man, I just smoked mad Chronic, I'm trying to chill over here.
Sloppy: You're mad "Bobs for Apples" Bro, I'm trying to watch Curb your enthusiasm.
by Pabraham420 August 19, 2009
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