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A contraction of "Applebee's" and Beezies, this generally means the typical woman one would find at Applebee's on any given night of the week. They tend to be tan, tall, range in age from 24 to 35 and tend to drink a lot. While not lacking in attractiveness, they tend to be very similar in both style and personality to one another. Applebeezies will be wild in bed if you have the money for their cocktails but usually won't be able to explain General Relativity if you bring it up on the ride home.
My friend Pete went drinking with Jerry and they brought home a couple of Applebeezies from the bar. One of them turned out to be a girl I had tutored in basic algebra for 3 months in college and she still failed the class.
by LisaSandler March 16, 2011
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