The simple-minded, over zealous followers and lovers of all things Apple. Worshipers of Steve Jobs, these people are known for spending ridiculous amounts of money just to have a picture of apple with a bite taken out of it on their electronics regardless of product performance or quality. Apple could come out with kuzoo and charge $100 for it and these people would still buy it. Apple sheep are often seen wasting countless days of their life putting work and families (not their moms) on hold waiting for the next Apple product. When these people discover news of Apple products or their leader Steve Jobs being down-graded and criticized they almost immediately get very, very cross and red in the face almost always resulting in them requiring to use their inhaler, only after which they then attempt to no avail pitifully defend their beloved Apple. These people can usually be seen driving a Prius while listening to Coldplay (on their plugged in ipod of course). Commonly referred to plainly as sheep.
I just saw an Apple Sheep getting a tattoo of Steve Jobs on his arm while waiting in line for the next ifill-in female sanitary product.
by TERRORMOTO March 10, 2011
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