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Noun, A game played usually by both genders with 4 or more people.

Grab an apple, and bite into the apple halfway so you are holding the apple in your teeth, the person on you left must bite the apple and pass it to the person on their left, IF the apple falls everyone must take a bite out of the apple and the person who dropped the apple and the person on their left must kiss, eventually the apple will dissolve into a core and you will have to start over, with a fresh new unsalivated apple.
Girl 2: I purposely wanted to play the apple game but Johny was on my right and he's super competitive so he WOULD NOT let the apple drop... and I had to be careful, if I let the apple drop I would have had to kiss Bob, like ew...
Girl 1: That sucks, I got to kiss Bob...
Girl 2: I hate you LOL!!
Girl 1: I wanted to eat the limp biscuit don't tell anyone
girl 2: That is sooo N-A-S-T-Y!
by MKatt December 21, 2013
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