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The creases around a middle aged women’s mouth that make her resemble a character from planet of the apes
Sigourney Weaver, Sarah Palin, and every Asian woman over fifty have Ape Face.
by Alibaster Slim August 03, 2012
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to heavily masterbate over a loved ones face.
then to shave your george bush off (pubes)
and throw them over the face which is covered in yur love juice which holds them stedily in place.
Charlotte: Omg jamie.! what are you doing?

Jamie: Giving your mum an ape face :D

Charlotte: she looks like a fucking monkey

Jamie: Thats the point
by dyson boshky January 15, 2009
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I sure am glad apeface finally is outta the public eye. Now other countries don't hate us as much!
by Groovy j April 01, 2010
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