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Apatovianism is a recent counter-cultural movement that invokes the seeming spirit of elevating cinematic discourse with recognized films of artistic merit in order to pervert the experience for new viewers, and the overall cinematic legacy of the works in society, by discussing them in prosaic and brain-numbingly subversive analysis.

The ultimate goal being that every last film (either new or old) regarded as progressive or "different" is ruined before the eyes of newcomers that have not had the viewing experience before reading an analysis by an Apatovianist agent. The Apatovianists believe first-impressions are key in impregnating a psychological deterrent.

This is all done so that the market-fare cinema is that much more appealing to the mass public and firmly fortified. And the films of artistic merit...that much more compromised and deadened by Apatovianists.

Judd Apatow is the fountainhead symbol of this movement based purely on a pop-cultural standing as being a notable director among market-fare cinema.
The most hardcore example of Apatovianism-in-action consists of Internet forum posts that discuss films in a manner that gives away an aesthetic verdict on what the film represents or definitive qualities it stands for as interpreted by that person, especially in a finalizing tone.

by AntiApatovianismFounder July 10, 2008
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