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Apalachicola is like Charleston and Savannah had a premature baby...its a tiny Southern Coastal town. The place is an old cotton-port on the Gulf in Florida's panhandle and has lots of old antebellum homes, brick streets and a town that sits right on the water. This is the way the rest of Florida was before everyone else moved here and destroyed it. Live Oak trees, palm trees and azaleas grow along sandy roads with palmetto bushes. Oysters are the best in the world here, or were until Atlanta's pollution up river ruined the bay. The region has a lot of Florida's heritage tied up in one little town, seafood, cotton, beaches, timber and turpintine. Tupelo Honey is from this area and the grouper is the best in the world. The tea is sweeter than syrup and the Southern accents are Deep South Salty. If you want to see the Real Florida, this is it.
Apalachicola Girl: I saw your truck at the Pig on Friday, and passed you on the way to WeWa on Saturday.

Apalachicola Boy: Hell, thats why I always keep my nose clean can't poop in Apalach without everyone knowin what color it is.
by GoodOldBoyRollTide January 29, 2019
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