used to replace Anything/Everything/Something/ **-thing ,
Used by lowlifes, criminals, and general low-IQ mammals that fail to understand or be able to construct a simple word from the English language.
i had a look we couldn't find anythink.
by CS3321 October 6, 2013
Yes, it is spelt and pronounced with a 'G' not a 'K'

In Australia this 'word' has almost exclusively taken over it's proper english cousin 'ANYTHING'
Anythink goes in Ostraya
by RIPSHITnBUST January 28, 2011
Anythink is a new style of library - a place of unlimited imagination, where play inspires creativity and lifelong learning. Your community space where anything and everything is possible.
I researched how to start my new business at Anythink.
by Miss Anythink March 7, 2010
a humorous combination of 'any' and 'think' playing on the similarity to 'anything'. Chiefly used in the negative
George Bush junior didn't contribute anythink to planning for post Sadam Iraq.

Gordon Brown didn't contribute anythink to how his borrowing could be repaid
by Eddie The Barsteward November 30, 2011