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The most annoying person ever. The world's biggest cunt and the smelliest twat ever.
Guy 1: *busy bugging guy 2*
Guy 2: Stop being an anuvret!
by TheMasterChief3962 December 02, 2011
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A god, a King, and a scholar all rolled into one sweet ass package.

Anuvret has the sexual prowess of a sexual predator but the manners and kind heartedness of Mahatma Gandhi.

His sacred person was crafted by the gods themselves aboard their sacred abode in the mountains.

He is the living reincarnation of Mark Antony, Ragnar Lothbrok, and non-incestous Jaime Lannister all into one.

He is known to speak seven languages and has allegedly made women moan in pleasure in 14 languages.

All who think they are better than Anuvret shall perish into nothingness.

Also, Habs Rulez and Toronto Maple Leafs SUCK big time.
"Wow your wedding dress is so perfect, almost Anuvret level stuff. "

"That tower they built in Dubai, Burj khalifa or something, it is perfect, almost a post modern representation of Anuvret himself. "

"Man, they should rename the CN tower to Anuvret because the CN tower is almost as perfect as Anuvret"
by Maximillian Julius Webster,FBI November 04, 2013
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