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Blessing, eternal, fortunate and forever.

They have the quality to charm, seduce and attarct
I want lots of Anushe in life
by udistance November 16, 2011
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A girl who is always fussing over her hair, is a total spazz when it comes to the guy she likes. An Anushe is Gorgeous has dark full lashes , full lips , dark thick hair , has the most radiant smile. So she looks like princess Jasmine from Aladdin. If She does not like you is truthful and will tell you but if she likes you or loves you, you are lucky and should feel honored to be loved by a treasured gem like her she is loyal and will stick with you till the end. Anushes are usually Swimmers with fantastic bodies, always healthy with a tiny waist. She is amazing.
Girl1: hey Anushe that top is um well...
Anushe: um I don't like you anyway:D
Girl1: o_O
Guy1: hey I love you Anushe stay with me forever?
Anushe:forever and ever *hugs him tight*
Guy1: I am such a lucky bastard
Girl2: man so jelly of her bod
Girl3:gosh I wish I was Anushe , she is so beautiful!
by Starstar September 15, 2012
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