Anuism, also Anuanism, is the name of the cult to god Anu, that is characterized by believing that Anu is the supreme king of all universe and existence where he always seeks to maintain the law of polarity and to maintain the order and organization of existence, anuism also believes that extraphysicalism, extramaterialism, extranaturalism, pandivinism and panpsychism are fundamental principles of reality, law of polarity as a fundamental principle of reality, it also encourages politics and philosophy as important activities in existence and politics as the only way to protect the universe and existence and organize both. Anuism is also characterized by be almost a monotheistic version of Anunnakism focusing on Anu himself, but no not excluding the other Anunnaki gods, similar to what happens with other anunnaki cults as Tiamatism, Enkism, Enlilism, Mardukism and so on, besides having several beliefs in common with Anunnakism, such as theofragmentism, unity of existence and life, unity of physical-extraphysical and natural-extranatural and that Anunnaki exists beyond spacetime and in extraphysical level and they are trying to help Earth to become a Anunnaki planet and a planet of highly evolved beings.
"Anuism is quite common on Middle East and Brazil when it's about Anunnakism, most common as Tiamatism, Enkism, Enlilism and Mardukism actually are, if you realize a bit better, and both literally have the same teachings with different approaches."
by Full Monteirism May 25, 2021
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