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Initially, each partner must perform a brief low-intensity workout, in order to get the blood flowing and prepare their bodies for the deviant sex acts to follow. Furthermore, due to the endorphin release from exercise, the participants will be mentally prepared and aroused, enabling a more successful, passionate experience. Next, the receiving partner must sit or lie on the ground, with their head in a reclined position, representing the "weight bench" element of a real Bowflex exercise device. Upon moving, the giver must be seated so his testicles rest in the receiver's mouth, making sure the jaw is spread enough to facilitate deep-throating of the shaft and balls. Then, the receiver must extend and flex their arms out in a chicken wing manner, creating the actual Antiguan Bowflex. Now, the partners can get to the heart of the position. Squatting up and down, the giver dips his entire package into the mouth of the receiver, in a "facefucking" manner. While this requires an experienced fellater, the orgasmic potential of such technique is boundless. An additional benefit of the position is that the flexing inherent in the dipping procedure can postpone climax and enable a better experience for both partners. Furthermore, participants with enough balance and dexterity can offer the receiver a reacharound, ensuring an enjoyable event for all.  Aside from the sexual benefits, this move also offers exercise and flexibility enhancements, making it truly versatile and valuable.
I needed to spice up my sex life, so I hired a cheap hooker and tried out the Antiguan Bowflex.

I was warned not to confuse the Antiguan Bowflex with other, more dangerous Latin-America-themed. sexual maneuvers, such as the Panamanian Root Canal, the Chilean Piledriver, or the Costa Rican Egg-Beater.
by Garth "Gravy Cannon" Horowitz November 21, 2010
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