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Antifeminism is the idea that equal rights for "both" genders cannot be achieved by focusing on the rights one. Egalitarian Antifeminists argue against preferential treatment of women over men in our legal systems, the work place, schools and society in general. They wish to create a truly equal society which does not cater to either sex.

Male and females identify with this term

Though some are traditional and support celebrating the biological difference of men and women, instead of reinforcing the feminists dogma that we're the same... Which is not true in the least, any four year old with eyes can see that. Traditional antifeminists are for a more Patriarchal society in which men and women have clearly defined roles.

Males and females identify by this term.
Feminism - I fight for equal rights of women!

Antifeminism - So do I... just I do it for both men and women you sexist cows!
by Shield-Maiden December 30, 2013
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